lunes, 19 de octubre de 2015


The OJ wall clock represents a new wall clock concept. It is minimalist and has an always up-to-date avant-garde design.
It is suitable for a wide range of places such as the home, the office and public spaces.
The clock is very easy to install, its time signals are self-adhesive and it is battery operated.
Available in 15 colours. You can choose one colour for all the parts of the clock, or mix two colours.
Black, white, grey, silver, red, orange, chocolate, purple, blue and green. And now 5 more colors: mustard, pink, pumpkin, steel and sea green.
And two sizes to fit to all places: 50 and 80 cm diameter.
The machinery is German (UTS silent machinery), and it's guaranteed for two years.
Originally packed, it's a perfect gift.

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